Cyber Security Governance, Risk and Compliance Boot camp for Beginers

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About Course

in this course you will be learning:

  • The geopolitical, legal and regulatory context of cyber risk (baseline).
  • How cyber governance structures help organisations to protect their critical assets and meet their regulatory compliance objectives.
  • How to initiate change within the corporate governance structure in order to meet existing and emerging threats.
  • How to perform a systematic digital risk assessment, identification and analysis in accordance with international standards and demonstrate an ability to deal with complex issues.
  • How to draw on cyber security frameworks and standards, taking into account business needs and risk assessments, to determine appropriate technical, procedural and personnel controls.
  • How to identify issues, and know how to address them, relating to implementing a cyber security risk management framework.
  • How to demonstrate a systematic understanding of IT governance that relates to information security and how it influences the (Rules & regulations that ensure the security of information of an organization) and the security policy of an organisation.
  • How to link incidents to risk records to gain historical context into what action has already been taken and identify opportunities for improvement.
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Course Content

Cyber risk – geopolitical, legal and business context
In this module you will learn: a. Introduction to Fundamental Underpinning concepts b. Governance- Geopolitical landscape c. Framework/Legal/Regulatory d. Risk and Controls (Business) e. Policy

In this topic we will study; What is GRC? What is Governance? What is Risk? What is Compliance?

Cyber Security Strategy
In this topic we will cover; EU National Cyber Security Strategy UK National Cyber Security Strategy (2016-2021)

In this topic, we will cover Legal Context US Legal frameworks

Common Cyber Attacks
We will cover; types of cybersecurity threats biggest data breaches & hacks of the world

Cyber Threat Landscape
In this topic we will cover; Cyber Risks for Organisation Impact of Cyber Attacks on Businesses

Risk Management
In this topic we will cover; what is Cyber Risk Management drivers of Cyber Risk Management

In this topic we will cover; What are Controls Classification of Control Types of Controls Relation between Risks & Controls

In this topic we will study; Difference between Policy & Guideline Types of Policies Policy Models Information security policy Specific security policies Management Policy Approval Publication and dissemination Training and Awareness sessions Control, evaluation and review

Cybersecurity Frameworks
In this topic we will cover; Most common cybersecurity frameworks used in the UK NIST SP 800-53 ISO 27000 Series SOC 2

Infosec Lifecycle
In this topic we will cover; Information Security policy development Life cycle Lifecycle Phases Activities involved in Creating Security Policy Security Policy Structure Policy Drafting Process Exercise of creating a Security policy

Publishing a Policy
In this topic we will cover; Management Approval Modes of Communication with employees Control, Evaluation & Review of Policy

Policy Monitoring
In this topic we will learn; Control, Evaluation & Review

Risk Management
In this topic we will study; What is security risk management? Risk Management -ISo27001 Performing a Security Risk Assessment Asset Identification Identification of threats Threat Sources Threat Identification Vulnerability Identification Identification of Existing Controls Determine Impact & Likelihood Analyse Risks Document in Risk Register & Evaluate Risks Risk Treatment alternatives

Security Compliance Management
In this topic we will cover; Data Security vs Compliance Compliance Management Compliance Example of Compliance Compliance Landscape Compliance Management tools Compliance Audit Examples of Compliance Documentation Tugboat Logic "Automating GRC"

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